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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall in Milwaukee

On Sunday, Daniel and I went out to enjoy the day and take pictures of the beautiful fall landscape. I rented a wide angle lens to practice with a different type of lens. The day started out exploring Grant Park. It truly is a gem along Lake Michigan south of Milwaukee. It has beautiful hiking trails including the 7 bridges trail, several beaches, a golf course and other amenities that the wide angle lens did a phenomenal job capturing.
Gotta love being taller than a tree and adding a few inches, or feet, to one's height, :)
After we had hiked around taking the beauty of Grant Park, we headed up to Milwaukee's Lakeshore to take some photos of the Milwaukee Art Museum. The wide angle lens was incredible. I've heard it's been said that the Art Museum is one of the most, if not the most, photographed structure in the Milwaukee area. It has awesome lines and stands a stark contrast of the city to its West and Lake Michigan to the East.

Following a great day taking photos, I dropped Daniel back off at his place and swung in one of my new favorite places to get fresh meat - Rupena's. To my great surprise, they had some beautiful filet reduced from their normal $9.99/lb to $6.99/lb. Talk about an awesome surprise! I grabbed a few steaks, a couple potatoes and a loaf of fresh bread to head home and grill out. Delicious! The sunset and moon were absolutely beautiful. While my steaks and potatoes were cooking, I was out taking photos. The results were amazing, for the food and the photos!

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