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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adventure Honeymoon 2013 - Drive to Sioux Falls

After work on Friday, we did our final preparations, loaded the car, and after a quick tiff about whether to unpack clothes and repack a "daypack" to bring into hotels en-route to Glacier (Kari thought it was a waste of time but Ben thought it would be more efficient and worth the short-term effort ... Ben won), we were out the door and on the road by 6:15pm.

Next stop was REI. Nothing like a last-minute stop for the REQUISITE essentials for a big backcountry trip. :-p

The night before, Ben had been testing out the food bag when the pull string ripped off the bag, dumping the entire culinary content all over the living room floor. Consequently, we were in need of a new, STURDIER food bag. And Kari was somewhat indecisive (no? really?) about whether she was happy with the hiking shoes we had just purchased and wanted to try on the alternative pair "one last time". Fortunately, it really was just that one last time and after a short trip through REI, we were on the road for real. (Go Gorgeous Go!)

While calling to let family know we were on our way, Ben remembered that he forgot the park maps for Glacier National Park and Theordore Roosevelt National Park, but he did not want to backtrack the 15 minutes each way to get them from the house. So, aside from almost hitting a possum outside Albert Lea, MN, we had a fairly uneventful drive highlighted by phone calls to the families and marred by an unfortunate and regrettable exposure (says Kari) to the movie Borat.

We successfully arrived in Sioux Falls and circumnavigated the local construction to reach the hotel at 2am.

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