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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Adventure Honeymoon 2013 - Glacier Car Retrieval Post-Trip

Since we arrived in East Glacier the previous night, we were able to sleep in a bit, shower again, and grab a good breakfast before beginning our long journey back to our car. After we packed up, we walked over to the Trading Company to pick up our rental car from the Avis counter. While there, we spotted a homemade triple berry coffeecake that we could not pass up. It was delicious! Before leaving town and reliable cellular coverage, we contacted (or tried to) our families to let them know we were alive and well. Then we were off!

Two and a half hours later, we were back at Kintla Lake and Ben's car, stopping to check in to our room in Apgar along the way. Apart from seeing more people on the unpaved roads, it was rather uneventful. Ben loved having his chacos back on his feet!


Kari followed Ben back to Polebridge Merchantile, so we could sample the famous huckleberry bear claws! Fabulous does not begin to describe these tasty treats! We even bought a few more for breakfast the next day! Following our short stop in Polebridge, we continued our journey back to East Glacier to return the rental.

Back in East Glacier, 6.5 hours after we began, to drop off the rental, the owner was impressed with the time we made. We realize that this may be obvious, but Glacier is huge. Gigantic, really. It is also fairly inaccessible to motor vehicles, with only one road going through the park. Thus, any journey from one side to another, in our case southeast corner to northwest corner, is a rather long, sometimes arduous journey.

Once the rental was returned, we decided on and reserved a boat tour for the following day and ate at the highly recommended Serranos in East Glacier. Wonderful Mexican food that even Mexicans, so we were told, rave about. You could tell it was a local hotspot by the line waiting to get in. We highly recommend it if ever in East Glacier.

Following dinner, we drove the final hour back to Apgar to our motel room. We decided to take a stroll along the beach of Lake McDonald as the sun was setting before crashing for the night. It was absolutely beautiful!

Click here for photos from Glacier National Park

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