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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Vacate to Venice 2019 - Travel to Venice

While living abroad is its own adventure, we wanted to take advantage of our proximity to Europe to explore as much as possible. For our first weekend getaway since our move to Bristol, we picked Venice. We found some cheap, non-stop flights from Bristol to Venice, as well as some nice, affordable lodging in the heart of the city. What could be better?!

After a short half day of work, we took off to a bus stop to catch the Bristol Flyer. Normally, we took Uber to the airport (or drove) in the States, due to its convenience and ease. In Bristol, we do not have a car, so driving is out, which leaves our options as taxi/Uber, bus, or train. With the pervasiveness of public transport in the city, there is a dedicated bus line, the Bristol Flyer, that runs between Bristol and the Bristol Airport every 10 minutes during the day. As a bonus, it costs the same as one Uber ride for round trip fare for two people. We figured it was worth the attempt.

Thirty minutes later and we were at the airport. This was our first time at the Bristol Airport as passengers departing to another destination. It took us a little time to get our bearings, but we managed to get through security fairly quickly. In total, it took us a little over an hour from the time we left our flat until we were through security in the airport. Good to know for future trips.

Since we got to the airport really early and we had already eaten lunch, we explored some of the shops while waiting for our flights to be announced. In the future, grabbing food at the airport looks promising.

Our flight was pretty uneventful. We chose to fly EasyJet, a low-cost carrier in Europe. The service was fine, and everything costs an extra fee. The coolest part of the flight was seeing the mountains as we started our descent into Venice.

In Venice, we made it through customs and found a taxi service to take us to the Piazzale Roma. It as a quick trip, in part thanks to our driver's blatant disregard for the speed limit. Speed limit, more like speed suggestion. From the Piazzale Roma, we had a 20 minute walk to our meeting point for the apartment we rented. Thankfully, our UK sims worked here. Even though Google maps were not perfect, they were certainly helpful when navigating the narrow streets in the dark.

We met our host at the San Silvestro boat stop, which was a short walk from the apartment. He gave us a tour of the 2 bedroom/2 bath property we rented, how to operate the controls, and gave us some suggestions of things to do, see, and eat before leaving us for the night. Taking one of his recommendations, we dropped our bags and went to Birraria La Corte, which was a delicious pizza (and Italian food) place. I had a diavola (i.e., pepperoni) pizza, and Kari had a margherita (i.e., cheese) pizza. Super delicious!

Back at the apartment, we got settled and into bed to be rested for our adventures in the morning.

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