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Friday, March 5, 2010

Practice with Kari

Kari asked me a while ago if she could learn how to use my camera, so I have slowly been showing her how to shoot with my camera in manual. While I am by no means an expert and have a lot to learn myself, I have a basic understanding of how to take a decent picture. With the start of my company, I have a goal of using her as my second shooter, so I do not have to hire someone outside of the family. I know you're next question. Are you engaged yet? That seems to be a fairly frequent question of late. The answer is no. We are not engaged yet, and I do not plan on asking her for a while.

Ok back to the story. Kari and I woke up feeling a little less than energetic, so we scrapped our plans of hitting the rock climbing gym in favor of driving around and exploring the Bloomington and surrounding areas taking pictures. It was an awesome day. Despite being a little gloomy out, we ended up with some really cool pictures. It was also a great bonding experience experimenting with my camera. I'll post a few of our pictures here with more in the Nature Portfolio on my site. I hope you like them.

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