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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


First off, it has been a long time since I last posted some photos to this blog. I got a little behind with graduate school and all of the events that I've been fortunate enough to participate in. In the last few months, Kari and I went to the Indianapolis Zoo, walked around Downtown Indy, went to the Milwaukee Air Show among other things to take pictures of. On top of that, I have been helping a couple friends shoot some weddings. This update will have a couple pictures from the weddings as well as the random adventures that Kari and I have gone on.

Blake has been kind enough to continue to let me help him shoot weddings with him. We shot one in February and July and have two more coming up this month. I have definitely learned a lot from each experience and continue to see my craft growing. It is rather exciting and I find myself becoming more addicted to helping it grow!

In the interim, Kari and I went to the Indianapolis Zoo. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, albeit a little on the warm side. We enjoyed walking casually around for a few hours and taking tons of photos of the animals.

The goal for the day was to catch the Indy 500 parade, but we got to town a little late. Following our excursion around the Zoo, Kari and I set off for the Canal and walked around Downtown on our way to find some dinner. The evening was capped off by enjoying some time with friends at Scotty's before heading back to our car and then back down to Bloomington.

During one of Kari's visits to Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Air Show was occurring. We went down Lake Michigan and found a great spot on a pier for viewing the spectacle. Some friends joined us for a fun day in the sun watching the action in the skies.

Finally, I helped another friend, Rasheed, shoot a wedding for some mutual friends in the Chicagoland area. It was a blast and yet another great experience. I can feel that all of the experience helping others shoot a wedding is preparing me well for my first. I am feeling more confident that I am getting the shots and capturing the moments of the couple's special day.

I am sure there are adventures that I am missing and that I did not fully give the detail that each of these events deserve. I will try harder to reduce the time between posts to be able to do justice to how cool our adventures are.

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