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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Adventure Honeymoon 2013 - Final Stretch to Glacier National Park

After an overnight stop in Gillette, WY, we were on our way again. Though we browsed Roadside America for unique attractions on the way, there was really nothing exciting to interrupt our drive. In the face of our 10-hour drive and fear of another hot day, "The World's Biggest Shoe" and "Evel Knievel's Final Resting Place" just were not enticing enough for us to prolong our day.

We blasted through the drive. Ben let Kari drive the second half of the day while he relaxed and watched The Dark Knight and Dodgeball. Boy, we sure went on a "stupid movie" streak this trip! We also watched Up because Kari insisted that it set up the theme for our trip "Adventure Awaits".

Who does not love Russell?
The only hangups on our drive were some quick transitions from 80 ...er "70" MPH to 25 MPH construction zones, Kari having to learn how to pass other cars while on a 2-lane hilly highway, and eventually the curvy and unpredictable downhills leading into Glacier National Park.

Once in the park, we found our cute little cabin home for the next two days and used our mysteriously good phone service to contact our families and inform them of our safe arrival, while we strolled the Apgar Village trails.

We also had our first of many experiences with Eddie's Cafe - the only restaurant in Apgar Village. Huckleberry is a big deal around here, we have found. It is in jams, syrups, muffin and scone mixes, candles ... you name it! It is everywhere! And, at Eddie's it was in the Huckleberry lemonade and cobbler!


Click here for photos from Glacier National Park

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