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Friday, September 27, 2013

Adventure Honeymoon 2013 - Glacier Exploration Pre-Trip

On our last day before our big backpacking trip, we wanted to take things easy and get our bodies well-rested for the trials ahead.

We had a delicious breakfast at Eddie's Cafe. Ben had chicken fried steak with country gravy, 2 scrambled eggs, country potatoes, and an english muffin washed down with Huckleberry Lemonade, of course. Kari had french toast, aka "The Backpacker", with huckleberry syrup, a fruit cup and bacon.


After breakfast, we went to the Rangers Station to pick up our backcountry permit. The weather forecast was for mostly clear weather, but here, we were warned that the forecasts do not mean a lot and the weather can change in an instant. While speaking with the ranger, we made a couple adjustments to our original itinerary - exchanging Mokowanis Junction for Stony Indian campsite and adding Many Glacier campground to our final day. We then watched an enthralling backcountry safety video created by Glacier's most skilled actors, demonstrating how to avoid and handle bear encounters. (Imagine 70s still Chemistry Laboratory Safety Videos). Kari left more amused than concerned about our safety.

With our tummies full and our permit finalized, we headed back to the cabin and organized our supplies for the next day. When we left, we were completely prepared and packing prep never had to cross our minds again.

We walked to the Apgar Transit Center to catch a shuttle up to Logan Pass. Upon arrival, we made a quick pit stop (granted Kari took too long dinking around in the bathroom, so we missed the shuttle). After missing the shuttle, we were informed that it would be another 30 minutes before the next would arrive. We decided to head back to Apgar to grab some ice cream and wait for the next shuttle. Before we knew it, the shuttle arrive and we were on our way up the Going-to-the-Sun Road. The giant shuttle that picked us up in Apgar was too large for the road, so we switched shuttles in Avalanche Creek to get on one of the smaller ones to continue our journey up to Logan Pass.

Once we arrived at Logan Pass, we set out for our day hike to Hidden Lake Overlook to have lunch. It was only about a 1.5 mile hike to the overlook, but boy, the view was stunning. That one overlook was the most beautiful we had seen yet. To any venturing out to Glacier, this is one lower-effort hike we consider well-worth the time spent to get there.

We jumped on the shuttles back to Apgar and stopped by Eddie's for dinner (for anyone counting, yes that is 3 times in 3 days). We ended the evening with one last pre-trip shower and relaxed on the bed with a movie.

Click here for photos from Glacier National Park

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