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Monday, May 26, 2014

African Adventure 2014 - Chobe Safari Lodge Day 1

We arrived at Chobe Safari Lodge and began the check-in process. Immediately, we noticed the many differences between here and Chapungu. While we knew we were spoiled at Chapungu, we had not fully realized the extent. At Chapungu, we were greeted by the staff upon arrival and immediately introduced to our butler who took care of us during our time there. Here at Chobe, we definitely felt more like a number. We had a porter help us find our room and escort our bags; however, it was not the same personal touch as at Chapungu. It did not help matters when the maid service came in to convert the two single beds to a double bed while Kari was stuck in the bathroom without pants. Everything had been a blur for Ben, so he completely forgot she was in the bathroom without her pants on.

After we got settled and confirmed our events for the next day, we wandered around, exploring the grounds. We had a quick snack/lunch before going back to the room to put on some DEET prior to continuing our exploration. During this time, we discovered that Chobe Safari Lodge is infested with vervet monkeys and warthogs. The monkeys were everywhere. One even was scampering around on our roof before a gunshot scared it away.

We took some time to address our postcards and put stamps on them. Only after we tried to drop them at the front desk did we realize we had South Africa international stamps and not Botswana international stamps affixed to the postcards. Oh well. The woes of the traveler. We will just have to try to mail them back at OR Tambo International Airport.

We noticed that there was a beautiful sunset over Namibia, so we went to the edge of the river to watch. Once it had set, we went over to dinner. Chobe Safari Lodge serves dinner as a buffet. Ben asked the waiter for some help with instructions then filled a plate with many delicious things. The make-your-own stir-fry seemed to be the best. The rolls were also outstanding. Towards the end of our meal, some dancers performed nearby. We watched until they finished, then we completed our meal. In an attempt to avoid the bugs, especially the mosquitos, we went back to our room to enjoy some time together before bed time.

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