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Sunday, May 18, 2014

African Adventure 2014 - Cape Town Day 4

Thanks to the super windy night, Ben had trouble sleeping in on what was turning into a rather lazy day. The weather had already canceled our plans to go shark cage diving, so we decided to sleep in a bit before going to breakfast. Once Kari arose, we headed down to grab breakfast in the hotel. Ben had a cheese, bacon, and sausage omelet with white toast, fruit and loads of the breakfast blend juice. Kari, now knowing that they made fresh-to-order food, had a poached egg, some toast, fruit and yogurt. As we enjoyed our breakfast, we discussed our plan for the day, hiking to the base of Table Mountain and take the funicular to the top. (Note: funicular is their word for tram.) The wind was howling in the bay, causing spray to fly across the water deep out at sea.

Thinking that Table Mountain is likely shut down, we asked before beginning our journey to the mountain. Sure enough, Table Mounatin was closed for the foreseeable future. Silly weather thwarted us again.

Having a rest day forced upon us, we chose to make the best of it. We journey from the hotel down to the beach to watch part of the Argus Cycle Tour. On the walk down, we started to feel the awesome power of the wind, knocking us around as we walked. Many of the roads in and around Cape Town were closed for the bike race, reducing the options of what was available. Near the center of Camps Bay on the main drive, the Cycle Tour placed a DJ, some cheerleaders and a pedestrian bridge to cross the road. We had fun watching the race and listening to the DJ chat on about a wide variety of topics.

Remember the wind? It was super strong and occasionally battering the cyclists around. Having spent a lot of time riding in intense winds, we could understand their suffering. Some were taking the race seriously, while others were having more fun with it, adorning a variety of costumes. Despite being 7km from the finish of the 110km race, most people seemed to be in good spirits.

Perhaps that was why. Only 7km to go!

After a while, we journeyed along the course to Clifton, enjoying the wind assist with our walk. Unfortunately, when we turned around, there was a massive headwind waiting to greet us. At times, it brought us to a standstill, almost strong enough to completely support Kari's weight. We fought our way back through the wind to Camps Bay to have a snack and get cleaned up. The rest of our day consisted of alternating watching the bike race and packing up in preparation for our next stop in our African Adventure: Kruger!

Dinner tonight was at Hussar Grill, one of the best steak restaurants in all of Cape Town. Even though it was only a short walk from the hotel, the wind certainly added to the challenge. Yes, you read that right, the intense winds were still upon us. Our meal was absolutely fantastic! We shared some traditional boerewors (a kind of South African sausage) and cured springbok carpaccio. Ben had a gemsbok filet and Kari had an ostrich filet. All of our new meats were amazing! For dessert, Ben had a sundae with their signature dark chocolate and Kari had the Malva cake, similar to bread pudding. What an awesome meal! We enjoyed it so much that we were wishing we would have tried it earlier in our stay to be able to visit more than once. Now we know for the future!

Our walk back to the hotel was assisted with the wind. At times, we were moving so fast that we had to run for our legs to keep up with our bodies! What a wild experience! Back at the hotel, we got some rest before leaving in the morning.

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