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Sunday, May 18, 2014

African Adventure 2014 - Chapungu Camp Day 1

As we arrived at Chapungu Tented Bush Camp, we were quickly greeted by the staff. Nataly had us sign our waivers and freshen up in our rooms before jumping in the jeep for the game drive. Thankfully, they held the jeep for us to arrive. Chris, our butler, took our drink orders when he finished showing us our room, then we were off onto the jeep. The rest of the guests on the game drive with us included Patrick and his wife Rachel, Raj and his wife Debra, and Peter and his sister Margi. Our tracker was Cedrick and our ranger was Gerhard. We quickly bonded with everyone, learning loads about each other as we set out for the drive. We soon discovered that Gerhard was a wealth of information. As we drove through the bush, we saw zebra, giraffe, impala, lion, wildebeest, duiker, kudu, and a variety of birds. There were also a load of spiders, really big ones, that often spun their webs across the road. Soon Raj was squealing like a little girl whenever a web would hit him. He was definitely the butt of a lot of jokes. Kari also started looking concerned when the rest of the guests said they found them in their rooms. By big spider, we mean huge! About 3 or more inches long! Yikes!

When we stumbled across the lions, they were majestically sleeping. We got right up next to them to take our photos before moving to search out the elusive leopard.

After about 2 hours of driving around the bush, we stopped for a sundowner, a rest for drinks and snacks. We had lemonades, a type of their beef jerky and dehydrated banana chips. It was quite delicious.

Back in the vehicle, we continued our game drive and received a treat of giraffes and zebras walking down the road towards us. It was absolutely beautiful! Near the camp, we encountered some waterbuck, that apparently enjoy hanging around camp.

When we returned to camp, we were given an hour to freshen up before dinner. We both had the chicken dish, while enjoying the company of our new friends. Patrick and Rachel are from Chicago, Raj and Debra are from Vancouver, Peter is from Scotland and Margi is from Johannesburg. It was amazing to see that many North Americans in one spot. We also learned that all of the couples were married last summer and the guys were all the same age. Dinner was absolutely fantastic!

Following dinner, we migrated over to the bar for a night cap and hang out for a bit. It was lucky we did as were able to watch a family of elephants eat their way through the camp. Impressive! Once the elephants left, we all returned to our tents to get some rest before the morning game drive.

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