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Monday, May 26, 2014

African Adventure 2014 - Flight to Botswana

After getting accustomed to safari time, Ben woke up around 5am. Not having to be awake yet, he tried to sleep some more without disturbing Kari. Around 6:30am, Kari woke up and let Ben know, noticing that he was also awake. We got up to begin packing and get ready for our flight to Kasane, Botswana.

Once we were packed, we walked over to the main part of the hotel to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Ben had a South African omelet with boerewors and cheese and Kari had two eggs over easy with some bacon and sausage. We shared some fresh fruit and homemade bread. Very good. Following check out, we loaded up the van with Calvin for our transfer back to OR Tambo International Airport. We quickly found check-in to drop off our luggage and headed towards security. Of all of the airports we used while in South Africa, this was the closest to airports we are familiar with back in the States, which makes sense with this being the largest city in South Africa.

Our flight appeared to be running late, since we waited at the gate for a while until a bus finally showed up to take us to the plane. The flight was rather uneventful. We wrote a few more postcards and relaxed until we touched down in Kasane.

Upon arrival in Kasane, we were greeted with sweltering temperatures, providing the Africa experience we expected from the beginning. We both made it through immigration seamlessly and waited for our bags to arrive. Instead of the typical turnstile found in American baggage claims, they just opened a garage door and handed the bags over to us.

Only in small airports will you have this experience. With our bags in hand, we walked through customs and met our driver, Monda, for the transfer to Chobe Safari Lodge. This was by far our shortest transfer yet, only about 5 minutes. He told us a little about the area and pointed to Namibia. Somehow during planning we completely overlooked that we would be this close to yet another country. In fact, Namibia is just across the Chobe River from where we are staying at Chobe Safari Lodge. Wild!

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