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Monday, May 26, 2014

African Adventure 2014 - Chobe Safari Lodge Day 3 & Transfer to Zimbabwe

Still on safari schedule, Ben awoke around 5am. Part of this was also because we passed out really early. Safari, eating and sleeping is tough work! Seriously though, the constant changing of locations, heat and odd sleeping hours really takes a toll on the body. We arose rather early, considering we did not have anything on our agenda other than breakfast and our transfer to Zimbabwe. We quickly organized our things and did a quick inventory of gifts for family before breakfast to know who we still needed to find souvenirs for.

Once we were pretty much ready to go for the transfer, we headed to the restaurant area to have breakfast. Having found things we like the day before, it did not take long to pick out our breakfast from the buffet. Our big excitement for breakfast was a giant bug that landed on Kari's plate, running across all of her food. She wisely stopped eating off of that plate and went to get some more. Who knows what interesting diseases the bugs of Botswana carry.

After breakfast, we went back to do a final run-through of the curio shop and then collected our things from the room to await pick-up for our transfer. Our driver, Joshua, came to pick us up in a safari jeep. Ben immediately started to wonder if we would be riding in this open-air vehicle the full 80km between Chobe Safari Lodge and Victoria Falls. It was not to be. Joshua only drove us to the Botswana immigration post and then to the Zimbabwean border. As we were obtaining our visas to enter Zimbabwe, John, from Wild Horizons, greeted us and introduced us to the driver, Abia, who would drive us the rest of the way to Victoria Falls in a van.

The rest of the drive was rather uneventful. As we neared closer to Victoria Falls, we could tell that life in Zimbabwe was better off than in Botswana or Namibia. It looked much more westernized and developed. This could be an artifact of the resorts around the Falls.

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